GIft Card Booster Sites

The internet is full of sites that can help you boost your points and get free gift cards. These sites do have differences though, they are not all created equal. I have joined over 100 websites that allow you to do stuff and earn gift card codes. Some of these sites were so bad it was easy to tell but others seemed good until it was time to get paid. Now I stick to just a few sites, the sites that have never let me down, the sites that always pay.

My Favorite Point Booster Gift Card Sites

First off I have to tell you about the place is great. They have the easiest way to gain points with free point booster codes that they release in chat and on social media. You can also win points for free with the free daily sweepstakes. They have over 100 gift cards to choose from and if they don’t have it you can request it to be added. You can also get paid instantly with PayPal. This is also one of the few gift card point booster sites that can pay with bitcoin, if you ever thought of dabbling in bitcoin this site can make that easy.

My home on the internet has gotta be There is such a great vibe on this site, the chat is entertaining and helpful with staff and fellow members available 24 hours a day. You can get gift cards like amazon instantly or you can get paid via PayPal with a low $1 Minimum.

The site I see people from all over the world earning the most on is It doesn’t matter if you are in India, China, Jamaica, USA, UK or anywhere in between, this site has many ways for you to earn money and gift cards from home. They have contests and bonuses, you even get 10 points free when you join and the amount needed to withdrawal is only $1 and they send it instantly.

Ways To Earn Points

All the sites I mentioned above have these same ways to earn and more.

  • Surveys
  • Videos
  • Visit Advertiser Websites
  • Sign up for Newsletters
  • Signup for sweepstakes (email submits)
  • Try a new Mobile App
  • Refer a Friend Program
  • Promo Codes
  • Print Coupons
  • Paid to Search
  • Complete various web tasks
  • Register to various websites

You can make the most with surveys and refer a friend, the videos and coupon printing is the easiest, if you do a little of everything it seems to work best. For more information about these sites and to see more examples of great point booster sites we recommend Thanks for stopping by and it’s my hope that this information has helped.